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    December 09, 2006



    Michelle Malkin slaps down TV's most obnoxious big-mouthed hypocrite [Oh yeah, she's an ultra-lefty!] for imitating a Chinese newscast of drunken Danny DeVito, to the evident amusement of her oh so liberal colleagues on the brain-dead daily hate called the View [apologies to Orwell, but he could never imagine such a travesty on the human mind as these five nattering niggling orifices becoming a cultural fixture---using culture in an ironic trope, to be sure].

    O'Donnell's boorish antics appear to give the lie to the mantra that feminism would raise the level of public discourse. Of course, she and her screeching lefty harridan-crone collective have considerably coarsened the discussions of what makes life and love a meaningful experience in our everyday lives.

    Instead, the Kaffee-klatsch yakkers yammer endlessly about trendy socialist nostrums and how nasty Mel Gibson was in his 3AM police-blotter rant. Not a word about Michael Richards, one of their own who went ballistic on video in a comedy club---the Seinfeld whack-job gets automatic absolution for being a Jewish liberal who "made a mistake."

    These self-absorbed creatures appear to have no self-awareness or interest in obtaining a wider view of the world than their off-the-shelf liberal canned bolshie agitprop that, like the Commie aspersions of Pope Pius XII and the Jewish Holocaust eventually becomes received wisdom that defrocked frauds like James Carroll can employ to vent their own self-hatred against established religions. [The Myth of Hitler's Pope, by David G. Dalin, an American rabbi]. Of course, Hitler's best friend in the world of religion was Hajj al Husseini, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and Yasser Arafat's early mentor. A fact you will never read in the New York Times.

    Pop culture is an oxymoron, as The View proves on a daily basis, but demogogues like O'Donnell and her posse of aggressive fellow-travellers exulting in their brave attacks on Christianity and Judeo-Christian morality should be publicly spanked by Michelle and other bloggers as frequently as possible, just to let them know that there is an active opposition to these wreckers. [pace Joseph Stalin]

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