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    July 27, 2008



    I've clicked on several of the links on this website and find it very disturbing. It's evident that people have come up with a campaign to discredit our President-Elect of guilt by association. I happen to know Abongo "Roy" Obama and although I disagree with him in many areas, he is a very good person. For example, I was present while out dining with a mixed group of people including Abongo, women, and white people. At the dinner Abongo stated that "although there were many things he disliked about Europeans, he had to love them in spite of". Now does that sound like the words of an anti-white militant? I think not. Anyone that believes in finding a way to love someone, especially those that have historically treated you and your people poorly to say the least can't be that bad. I salute Mr. Abongo Obama!

    Thomas Crampton

    Yes, it is normal for presidential families to get scrutiny. Obama's half-brother in China seems like a really interesting person. He has long supported an orphanage here. I started compiling a profile of him in the hopes that he would get in touch. No word yet from him, but here's all the information:

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